I'm not too keen on the vocals, but that's just me. Guitars sound pretty good though.

There are some good melodies and riffs being thrown around in your first track (Phase From Your Past), but I reckon your ideas sound a bit disjointed. Some sections just don't flow into another that well if you know what i mean.

I'm digging the second track, the guitars there complement the vocals alot better.

'Without You' i'm really liking the intro bit on this (vocals were a bit out of tune in places, but the drums and bass worked well together)...Ideas flowed well here, especially around 0:50ish. I didn't dig the distorted guitar bits; they didn't fit into the song imo.
"She Can Only Be A Dream", I don't know why but the vocals remind me of Dexter Holland from the Offspring.
I like it!
Good luck!
I appreciate the feedback! =] We're working on better takes of our recordings.

We just had our first real gig Sunday. It went very well! We ended up having the biggest response other than the headliner, Cherry S/T. We also learned the hard way to take out your cut before paying the event manager. He ended up bailing after paying the sound guy, leaving the bands high and dry.