ive always found they were kinda cool, to help solo'ing out or something. like record a passage and laern to solo over it

also initial question, i dont consider them worth there price.. buy a nice delay or soemthing
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In 1982, I saw Robert Fripp perform a lecture/concert for about 350 people at my university. Admittedly, I had hot-knifed a whack of hash before going, but he used his tape loops (forerunner of digital looping pedals) to absolutely stunning effect. I was blown away. To me, the limits of the loop pedal are determined only by the imagination of the user.
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i have one and i use it at most of my jams its great on your own or for when your band mates are busy and you stil wanna jam

i have used it in ashow onceand it worked pretty well. i highly recommend it

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.