I'm looking for any guitar under 400 dollars. Make offers, deals whatever, I've got 400 bucks and I don't wanna go to guitar center and end up getting a guitar I don't like.

I'm open to suggestion.
^ bump for a funny post above mine, considering TS said 400 DOLLARS
I have an RG 450 Made in Japan and an RG 560 either one way under $400 shipped and they rock. Also have a USA Made Peavey Nitro with EVH paint scheme.
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Nahhh Idk about the PRS, as for the RG, i'm not huge fans of ibanez. I do like their shapes but they're not a guitar for my style of play.
i got a nice hollowbody thats great for ska and alot of other alternative kinds of music

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MIM strat?
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i have an Ltd F100 fm
pretty good for some style
sell it to ya for $200 + shipping
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