Hi all, I'm learning classical guitar soon, and I'm down to a few choices for my first guitar. But first, I really want to get one that's semi decent, which won't need replacing if I keep playing for a few years.

I live in NZ, so my choices are very limited. There are only two guitars in my local store which are in my price range ($400-$500NZ, $230-$290US). These are the Cort CEC5, and the Takamine D36SN.


The Cort seems like a better deal. But the brand seems well less known, so I'm not sure. Also, I think the Cort looks far more pretty, that body shape is cool. So can anyone point me one way or another? Thanks for any help!
Between those two I'd likely go for the Cort, but as ibanezshred said play them both extensively to make sure you're getting one you prefer. They've both got a solid top so they'll both be fine, it's really just up to personal preference on tone/playability/ergonomics/looks. Also, the Cort's got electronics, which is a nice touch.