Are Hagstrom Swede's any good? I've never played one with that good of a setup, I thought it wasn't worth me spending money on it and I have a friend who says they're amazing and better than my modded Epiphone SG and modded Epiphone Flying V (I have Iommi pickups in the SG and Zakk Wylde pickups in the V, it's awesome!). So, are they any good?
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Hagstrom is good. I just dislike their fat horn.

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elvis used a hagstrom in the 68 comeback show.
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I think Swedes and Super Swedes are ugly, but Ultra Swedes are great.
I played one once and fell in love with it.
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I have a Select Swede. May not be quite as good as a Top of the line Gibson, but then, it's a quarter of the price. Pretty much blows away the Epis though.

Real heavy bitch though, but far more sustain that a LP. The Selects are more gresch like with the neck, because of all the extra wood, better suited as a rhythm guitar, but pretty hard to top in that regard. In terms of what you get for the price, haven't found anything better, so I guess I really like them.
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