Hi. In a recent post I was asking what pedal I should get to compliment the rather bad gain of a crate v18. I don't have that amp, but I was thinking of getting it as it is a cheap tube amp. Most people said to save and get a used amp and I was thinking of a 5150 but am not sure.

Is the 5150 a combo, or a head? This is where I'm confused a bit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
You can get a 5150 combo or a 5150 head.
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Most small music shops will have a few second hand amps usually, have a look around. Also, if there's anything wrong with the amp, you should be able to get them to fix it up for a decent price, whereas if you buy a crappy one on eBay, you'd have to either chase the seller up or go and pay more to repair it.
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i find craigslist best, because you can actually go try it out

Me too, but unfortunately in a lot of parts of the world e-bay is better because clist hasn't caught on locally.
Thanks for the input. So a 5150 combo is a pretty good metal amp so I will try and find one. I found a 5150 cab used for $350 but not by me -_-' I am nervous about ebay but I will try shops and clist. Thanks!
Check for music stores in your area, too. Other than Guitar Center.
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what i did to find local shops is I figured that alot of places carry Epiphones cause i see them everywhere i go, so i went to Epis website and found the nearest deallers, and a large portion of them are small shops that should have used amps.
Or go to fender's website and do the same thing, hope that helps.
How did you know that it was from guitar center?? Haha. I will. The nearest one is 2 hours away but I will make my way there and look.

I will look on those websites. Thanks.