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A Tribe Called Quest with some Funky Guitar?
I just made this little thing out of the song Get on Up by A Tribe Called quest. Some guitar parts and such, I just got a new recording program.

I was just messing around

Lemme know what you think its called

um,,,, where is it???

"Me AnD yOuR cOlD dRiViNg In ThE sNoW, LeT tHe GoOd TiMeS rOLL"
I love tribe, I love this song, I love the guitar addition. The one this is it seems way too loud, especially with Q-Tip's relaxed vibe, it takes away from the song a bit, just mess with the sound levels a bit more, you want teh guitar more in teh background, not the forefront.

Regardless, hot stuff dude.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Ohh yeah levels arent set at all, I was just messing with a new recording program, It's just a 3 hour thing I messed around with