murder, rape, arrogance, all part of a slowly decaying society, where morals are no longer part of the equation.
Morals? Morals!? Who needs morals when you got a bottle of pills and a trojan in your pocket? Lifes all about having a good time, forget tomorrow! Won't you join me as i mutilate myself this evening? Won't you?

This coldness seeps through my veins
a wonderful poison
I can't feel a damn thing!
Your my best friend
My worst enemy
My life

The clocks tick as my veins collapse
I should have seen this coming
Clean, Relapse, Clean, Relapse
torn by a vicious cycle
My best friend
My worst enemy
My demise.

These are written for my death metal band One Last Cleansing.
Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.
I think it's decent. It doesn't do a terrible lot for me but i like what you've written about and i like the 3rd stanza.