Thinking of picking one of these guys up (the Canada to US exchange is gonna kill me...). I saw it while browsing UG reviews and I fell in love with how the reviews described it and the pics I've seen, It's so damn sexy .
Unfortunately, I have never played an SG let alone one with 3 humbuckers... so my question to you G-400 Custom owners out there iiiiis... how does it feel? Is the third pickup really annoying (rate the annoyingness out of 10 maybe, 10 being really bad, haha). What about sound? crispy cleans and crunchy distortion?

I'm coming from playing a Washburn BillyT and sometimes Epi LP Gothic.

Not too sure what else to ask...
THANKS alot!
making a great choice here. the third pickup really doesn't effect your playing at all. on rhythm on clean gives you a really thick sound and a lot of bass. The treble setting is great to get crunch with distortion. only thing i don't like is the guitar is top heavy so the headstock will dip when not holding it with your fretting hand
I have this giuitar and it gets used alot...no complaints so far
Sounds good so far
95% of the time I play sitting down (just an @home player), so the top heavy shouldn't be a problem. I'll just be sure to get some strap locks if I want to play standing.
How well does it stay in tune?

The problem is, I have only found ONE of these guitars for sale in all of Canada because they are discontinued I can pick up a regular G-400 at my local store for around $415, but if I get the custom from online it'll cost me about $400 US, which goes on to roughly $500 Canadian (blah). Normally I would say that it just isn't worth the extra hundred and the insecurity of buying online and shipping, but I just can't help it, I can't look at any other guitars without thinking of how much I would rather have the custom!
No man, strap locks don't really help. f course you should use them, but what you want is a strong leather strap. This will cause friction, stopping the guitar from diving.

Anyways, great choice. If you can't htnk about having any other guitars, then get it!

And come to the SG thread!

The neck dive is sexy if you're playing live and you just stop at the end of a song and let it drop though.
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So I've been trying to pick right over top of the pickup on my current guitar and its a bit odd. I could probably get used to it for the most part, except I found it exceptionally difficult to finger pick. Could someone with a G-400 Custom give some input on how the third pickup is for playing, especially for finger picking.