This is a song I wrote, that I hope to put on the album I am currently writing for and recording for. This is currently just a demo version of it so it's wobbly in places, but tell me what you think anyway


I'll Watch Over You

oh yeah, I'll do C4C

Edit: I do solo acoustic stuff, hence why it's like it is :-)
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Great song! I like it very much!

Some drums and bass would suit the song song really well. You should think about that!
^ thanks man, have you got a link so i can crit one of yours

and the song is meant to be like that i'm a solo artist
thanks for the crit man...
i liked this
and you have a great voice...
really nice..
yea as reeen said, why dont you mix in some more thingies..
this song has a great potential...
Great job man ! cool rhytmics in the word ! It´s a very nice song it´s hard to do it bad i think.
keep it up man !
Cheers !
First of all, you have a great voice!!! With more proper practice and study, you could improve drastically. You have potential.

Music-wise, the song has great arrangements. There was a slight blip out of rhythm inthe intro but that's a minor. Your guitar playing is solid but you could make your strumming and plucking a little clearer on your next demo.

Great song! Keep up the good work.

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