Ok, so, when ever I use scales or just make a small riff up, it always sounds too bright. What can I use to get this to sound darker?

Dissonance... Try using diminished fifths (6 "steps", like E to A#) or minor 2nd (1 "step", like E to F)
Try using pentatonic minor scales, and try to use the lower frets of the lower three strings if you want to achieve maximum darker riffs.
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Chromatics, look at Metallica riffs, they use chromatics so good.
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Thanks everyone, I didn't expect so many replies

I'll take a look at all the scales/tips you said and try to create my dark riffs

Thanks again
Dimished is your best friend:


Very easy to remember as well. Just move your hand up one fret position for each string except between 3rd and 2nd. Try to make a riff and make some runs with that scale, that'll sound really METAL

Note: Malmsteen likes diminished, so it'll sound neoclassical too
diminished 5ths and minor 2nds....also when i saw the title i was actually thinking you should detune your guitar too, thats how Sabbath did it
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