So heres another cover song. Well in fact only part of a song in this case, its the solo from I believe in a thing called love by the Darkness - BEAST!

This is my washburn played throught the NU-metal setting on my vox ad30vt

both guitars are playd by myself,, pls comment/rate


"Me AnD yOuR cOlD dRiViNg In ThE sNoW, LeT tHe GoOd TiMeS rOLL"
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That was really good man.
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Pretty good man. I just didn't like your tone. But other than that it was perfect.

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niceee playing man you really nailed it, i also liked your tone crunchy. Check my cover on the same song its on my profile hope you like it. Two thumbs up

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sounded fine, all your bends were pretty accurate. maybe work on the little fast part though, didn't quite get that down.
cheers for the crit guys,, the reason the tone was a bit shit - im using shit equipment!, the 4 track i recorded this on is shit, and my guitar and amp arent exactly the best either, but im a poor student so cant afford to buy new stuff

ye i cud probably have playd this better if i had sat and learnd the fast bit properly bt i wasnt really recording this for other ppl to hear or anythin, jst mucking about really,,, if i can get a good enough drum track ill try recording the whole song once I get the time.


"Me AnD yOuR cOlD dRiViNg In ThE sNoW, LeT tHe GoOd TiMeS rOLL"