Me and my band are playing a show today and the bassist can't afford an amp (we're in highschool and he just switched to bass like 2 months ago) so we have to use the drummers amp. The bass and vocal amp are only 30 watts, but my guitar amp is 50. The show is taking place on a driveway outside. The amps can hold their own against drums, but how will they do in a show?
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They should be able to cope, My 50 watt once coped against a 100 watt guitar amp, a 200 watt+ bass amp and drums, allthough, im glad I have a 100 now.

In short, yeah you'll be fine.
y are u doin a show if u dont no if the amps will hold there own?
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y are u doin a show if u dont no if the amps will hold there own?

Why are you writing an answer if you can't write properly? Same question really..
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