You are the snow
And i am the sunshine.
You'll be gone before long.

Last night i traced your sillouhette with my ring finger
Of my left hand- you deserve the best.
I gave you a necklace of kisses,
Draped around your chest,
Each one five carats
And utterly, thoroughly enjoyable.

Evert heart needs a beat
And all love needs a rhythm.
It stands to reason that music was made last night.

It was cold outside of our little world
The weatherman said so.
We never felt it.
If we were two sticks
There would've been some explaining to do
To the fire department.

I was never good with moments,
You could tell.
You were never good at telling there were moments.
But now,
Time thawed, and two hours have passed
And my memory fails in every department
But recollection.
See, I miss you.
And I miss your warmth.

yeah um crit4crit if you fancy?
live happy.
I know you think that I'm someone you can trust.
But I'm scared i'll get scared and i swear i'll try to nail you back up.

Female SouperHero