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Seen an amp that is identical to the Laney AOR 50 1x12 but the thing is, it doesn't say AOR on the amp. All it says is Laney A5012 series 11 or series ||. Is this an AOR? If so, how much you rekon it's worth?

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Does it say protube lead on it?

Do you have a pic?

That's the AOR 50, the one you've found doesn't have the writing in the middle like this one, so it may not be.

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Ok. Well what could it be? It comes down in the AOR series when i search it. Im way confused. I know for sure that this is tube but don't want to waste money on it if its not the AOR.

EDIT: Maybe the writing was rubbed off? It is a 20 year old amp.
Hm, the power on yours is on the front, and the one on the AOR is on the back. The writing above the knobs looks slightly different, judging by the pictures.

Otherwise it looks exactly the I'm not sure

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Ahh nice. I'd like to find that out.
Me too, you have to feel a bit like Indiana Jones. But I too am curious.
I'll take 1986.

Also: I want an AOR head so bad
if i like this amp, i think my next one will be the head!

i'v seen many go on ebay so check it out! i would have got the head but i didn't really need something as big as that.

I saw the 50w version go for £105!! amazing price. Keep a look out

so you rekon 1986 eh?
anyother predictions? will be interesting haha
Cheers mate

I just realised how good tube amps do really sound. Such a difference when compared to an SS.

Is there anything vital i need to know? Is the amp ok left on for long periods of time if its on standby?
Well, I wouldn't leave it on standby all day but it won't really hurt it.

Have a read of these.
They should shed some light on how to get around the controls etc.

Have a look to see what speaker is in there, it could be a Fane.
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