tl;dr: I'm cursed by my old high school's auditorium, or at least I think so and my relationships or would-be relationships are always affected by something, when I go to see that person that I want perform.

Full Story:

Now I'm a stage person, I love being up there, I love seeing plays, and I love being as back stage help, but recently I've come to a realization.

Every time I get romantically involved with one the girls that's either in band, orchestra, in drama etc. and I go see their performance...something always goes wrong.

Now call it a curse, call it just a coincidence, call it a bullshit story, call it what you will, but I always have this luck that either, right before the show or right after, something will happen that either makes us drift apart, break up if were together, get into a fight, or something will go wrong that for me it spoils the performance, and it altogether ruins my night.

Example, last night I went to see a new play since there were some old friends there and a girl who I had a pretty good relationship with going and after the show she started to ignore me and she blew me off the entire night afterwards. We were fine before the show and I got a text from her later saying that she wasn't really interested in me.

Another example, I went to see a band performance a while ago, same place, and there was a girl there who I really liked at the time and she liked me too, she spent the time she was off playing talking to all her friends and didn't talk to me for even a second, at the end, she just went home and afterwards she didn't say a word for a few days and she left me a message saying that she didn't want anything to do with me anymore.

Here's the thing though, I went to a band performance outside of the auditorium in the courtyard and I saw my ex there, and we talked for a while, talked about getting back together, talked about fooling around and just having a very loose sexual relationship, and we did for a while until she got a boyfriend and then we just cut those ties loose and became friends again.

So I ask you pit, am I cursed? or are these coincidences? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
Darling, I think you just suck with girls.
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nice discovery, sir.

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Aye, I've lost a few ladies in or around theatre-based stuff. I'm actually beginning a project with my ex as co-producer and stage manager now, which is kind of appropriate because we met through me needing an SM for a show.
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Darling, I think you just suck with girls.

oh I know that, that's been known for a while, but I just think its weird that it always happens in theater.