Alright, I'm looking for a full stack to compensate for my small penis, and I've settled on the Acoustic B200H 200W Bass Head hooked up to an Acoustic B410 400W 4x10 and an Acoustic B115 250W 1x15 Head. I've generally heard good things about Acoustic, and the reviews I've read are all in favor of these components, but I figured I should probably run it by you guys just to make sure I'm not dumping $700 on a bunch of useless shit. Thoughts?
Never tried them and never prbably will get a chance but i hear they are excellent.
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Thats a great choice. I have that head. Look at the Acoustic set up in my sig. You won't be disappointed Acoustic's are amazing amps.
Acoustic is great. a really good deal.
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acoustic amps are the best imo
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good deal but i always thought the head was a bit underpowered especially if running 2 cabs....i mean thats 100w per cab....maybe look into a higher power head, but if you just cant afford that their gear is reliable well built and sounds good...