Ok, people.

So me and a bunch of friends are planning a completely non-profit charity thing for the poor people of Australia (sort of just the Sydney region), but we're going to need some sources of donation.

Please suggest anything we could use to advertise, or places to receive donations from. And they would preferably be as inexpensive as possible because we are but a bunch of kids so we're short on funds.

What we have so far is:
1. Newspaper
2. Internet
3. Church
4. Radio/TV (last resort since they'd probably cost the most for advertisements)
And we're in need of some more suggestions.

I know you may have the intense urge to say your typical stupid (yet funny given the right situation) responses, but if you could, please refrain from giving them. I know I'm not going to get money from fapping, sex, paedophilia and other such aspects of life. Thank you.

Any sane suggestions are welcome!

P.S. We need to have this finished before February next year, because we can't sustain this while in school.
Something a lot cheaper that advertising would be to print tons of fliers and pass them around, or just give put one in each newpaper (you can ask the distributor to do it).

Word of mouth is equally important, cause id probably end up donating more if someone i know/trusted asked me to, instead of believing some random ad. So make sure you guys talk about it loads!
make sure you have ALL paperwork filled out and signed by the correct government officials.

edit: to make you an official non-profit organization, and once you are, you can advertise much easier that not being an official non-profit.
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Loads of cheap fliers, word of mouth, make sure you've got everything sorted with the Feds.
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Thanks all.

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So what guitar do you plan on buying?

Hahah, I would like a guitar (and maybe so would they) but that's not the goal of the project. I am however looking for an acoustic bass heheh.

Basically we're trying to raise enough money to bulk buy a load of good new clothes for people instead of having them receive a lot of old, used stuff from those clothing bins and stuff.