hello all and happy post halloween

I am looking for some simple recording equipment.

probably a digital recorder which i can transfer to my computer (probably via USB).

I justr need it to record some stuff.

we play guitar and drums

my budget is about $50

Remember: the cheaper your stuff the worse off you'll be. $50 isn't even going to get you the basics.
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$50 will get you absolutely nothing.

If you want remotely decent sound you would probably be looking at a nice interface (M-audio for example) along with microphone(s). Shure 57s seem to be very popular.

M-audio stuff also comes with recording software, so thats another problem solved.




that would be $300 total.

And shouldn't this be in the recording section?
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well honestly your going to need a bigger budget for anything that is going to sound great.
If you decide to expand your budget I will give more sugestions but for now:



1/4 to 1/8 adapter.

this is pretty much all you can do with 50 bucks. Used gear would be able to get you a bit better junk. Basically with this your just going to be plugging into your mic in on the comp. Use free software such as audacity.

If you were just doing guitar then this:
would be a choice

A hand recorder might also be an option. It would be useful in the long run as a idea recorder, and seeing as your not going to get great quality with any of this......

Good luck and I hope you are able to get what you need.