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Yeah, I went as a guitarist/musician of some sort.
19 16%
No, I went as something else.
40 34%
No, I didn't go at all, but if I had, I would've been a guitarist/musician.
19 16%
No, I didn't go at all, and if i had, it's wouldn't have been a guitarist/musician.
38 32%
Voters: 119.
Just wondering how many of you put together costumes of musicians or guitarists for last night. It could've been someone famous like Jimi hendrix or Slash, or it could've been someone you just made up, with no name or anything like that, but someone on the street could tell you were a guitarist/musician because of something on your costume. I just put on a scary white mask with a long, straight haired wig and a bandana. Then I put a piece of wood in my gig bag for it to keep it's structure, and carried it on my back. I looked like a rejected Slipknot member. How many of you did similar things?

Answer the poll (coming soon), then describe your costume if you want.
Well I don't know how far Green Day can be considered "musicians", but...

I ended up telling people I was whatever came to my head anyway, so I kinda did, but not necessarily.
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Not i, but i saw a little 5 year old boy with an incredibly well put together Slash costume.

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i when as a guy with a mask
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jemjabella, that was me!! im not that short...am I?
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My band just jammed for six and a half hours in my friend's front yard while people from all around the neighborhood would walk past us trick or treating.

The reception was surprisingly positive. Every time we stopped playing people kept telling us they liked the music and to keep playing.
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well, at my school, i saw about 5 people dressed as musicians (tom morrelo, van halen and some random made up musicians)
personally, i went as a Beer Bottle. Im glad to say i got a shit load of candy becasue of it
lol me and my friends did a guitarists look alike costume contest it was ****ing great lol

we had a hendrix, alexi lahio, kirk hammett, dave mustaine,Galder, slash , and of course DIMEBAG(ME)
I sat on my porch with Slaveofsatan and we jammed.
We had about 5 little kids call us rockstars
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I went as Buckethead.

And by went I mean stayed home and ordered chinese food.

And by Buckethead I mean a hoodie and jeans.

So no.
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whos galder?
btw i saw a few slash costumes, they were better than i thoght
I went as Ozzy... It was good.
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Indeed was fun being recognised by anyone and everyone, got a tad bored calling everyone slags by the end though lol
I copied John 5's makeup purely because it looks awesome. Wouldn't say I "dressed up" as him though.
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whos galder?
btw i saw a few slash costumes, they were better than i thoght

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Saw a couple of Slash's, but I went as the Hitcher

Awesome, I went as Vince (including mirrorball suit).
I was going as Jim Morrison in Waynes World but it was too cold so i didnt put the wig or glasses on
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I went as the Burger King, so no. But I did see a rather poor Slash in my school complete with GH controller.
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I was going as Jim Morrison in Waynes World but it was too cold so i didnt put the wig or glasses on

i wanted to be jim had teh aviators but no wig
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It's good for the economy.

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jemjabella, that was me!! im not that short...am I?


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I didn't go, but I dressed up as myself, I so voted option four.
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I went as me, complete with standing in the driveway and playing guitar!
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I went as Slash again...

Last year I was Paul Stanley though.
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I wanted to go as King Diamond but didn't have any face-paint...
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I saw a bumper sticker in a guitar store that read
"Like all musicians, Your Following the Bassist"
I lol'd

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At my school I saw...

2 Slashs
1 Drummer (My math teacher)
1 Dave Mustaine (Awesome guy I met yesterday who likes Dream Theater and Rush)
and 1 Buckethead (Me)

So not counting the drummer, 4.
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i went as a beatle (not the bug)

black polo neck
fitted mod suit thing borrowed off a mate
slim black jeans
wayfarer sunglasses
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I did!
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I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
I went as a 80s hair metal rocker.
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