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37 14%
5 2%
111 43%
81 31%
24 9%
Voters: 258.
the directions are simple. vote for your favorite pumpkin. each winner from group 1 will move to the final round which will start sometime tomorrow.






4 and 5 are the exact same. Is there supposed to be something different?

edit: nevermind, I'll go with 3.
i couldn't chose between 4 and 5 so i voted 3
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I chose 4


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#4 took some skill! so....4.
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I voted 3 coz it's just amazing.
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Poor 2...

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number 4

number 2 looks hilarious though
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#4 took some skill! so....4.

1. Copy a picure of Neo into paint(or more likely, photoshop)
2. Turn it into a black 'n white pic
3. Copy black 'n white picture onto pumpkin using a knife and a peeling technique.
4. ???
5. Profit!

Not very much skill in there IMO. Not more than it took to make the other ones TBH.
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Number four for recognising the greatness of both the matrix and the Blue Oyster cult.
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