with my head in my hands
curled up in pain
i feel its spit
its breath
it seeks me again

with inner disgust
i wretch
i fall
my inner most fears
he see's them all

even in sleep he steals my dreams
to use them against me
to show me he hates me
to show me no mercy
he will not cease
i pray for death
to show me some peace

now the darkness fades in
i run scared through my head
trying to find a way out
of this life that i dread

he's close now
thoughts fade so quickly now
no memories of release
only of pain
i get near to escape
but he strikes me again

i find my weapon
in the shape of a glass
he gets close now
i drink to my past

shallow breathing
heart slowing
cold sweat blinds my vision
i try to cry
i try to call
try to stand
try to crawl

the bitter taste of fear
fills my mouth now
no way out now

but the voices have changed
the scene rearranged
echoes of speach fill my head now
am i released
am i dead now

not for me
they saved me again

just for chance
so he can hunt me again..

(i wrote this for a friend )
my bagder stares at me.....
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