Old one that I just dug up. I think this was one of my first peices. Kind of self explanitory. This is kind of a wierd one but I think it's cool. C4C.

Post-Op and Whiskey

Last night, Mr. Jack Daniels,
(Who happens to be a close and personal friend)
Asked to speak with me in private
So no one would hear me scream

He proceeded to slide his tongue
Down my crooked throat
And apply shock therapy
Directly to my quivering intestines

The morning after always makes me wish I was mildly sedated
I feel dirty and unevolved

I'll drown out my good-time-hangover
With my mix-tape of Metallica/Pantera
And a long recovery
From tiolet bowl whiplash

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"
You've lost me for good
To the welcome mat of post-op
The result of a swollen liver
And a severe case of shattered dignity

If you still had the time to apologize
I'd tell you it's okay
That everyone has to go sometime

You should have bought me flowers when you had the chance
I love you for putting "I've fallen and I can't get up!" into this piece!
This was really good. It has its deep meaning, but presents its self in a very comedic way.
No complaints, or suggestions.
this one is for you.
Damn that was pretty awesome
the first 2 stanza/verses would be my favourite I just think it's a very imaginative way to describe normal 'events'.
the first 2 lines would be my favourites as well
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