i love the mxr flanger, and was somewhat interested in the stereo electric mistress(stereo, not deluxe!) . i love that slow and deep jet sound with distortion and that's mostly all i would use it for but sometimes other stuff.

i use a G&L ASAT special semi-hollow (great guitar, recomend it!), a fulltone ocd, mxr phase 90, boss dd-20, and soon an ibanez weeping demon wah, peavey classic 30 (mostly distorted but sometimes clean)
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evh uses an mxr. it just has a different sound than the mistress. the misstress doesnt have the same tone that i'm looking for.
Boss BF-3 is a really nice Flanger
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anyone tried a stereo electric mistress? can they do a good jet sound with distortion?

and what about the mxr's clean tone? can you get metallic and bell kind of sounds with it
i love my Stereo Electric Mistress...
it can do the EVH "Unchained" sound easily...

the best thing about it is the stereo outputs...
flanger heaven...
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what about the "aint talking bout love" sound?

Yeah, that's a phase 90
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Either the EHX Electric Mistress or the Flanger Hoax. Guyatone also make a really good, stripped down flanger.

That being said, I prefer phaser, so in that case, i'm going to have to +1 on the Phase 90 idea.
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oh really? I thought it said on the dunlop site that he used a flanger. oh well, I have a phase 90 anyways, Love it
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oh really? I thought it said on the dunlop site that he used a flanger. oh well, I have a phase 90 anyways, Love it

You are correct.... He uses the MXR 117 Flanger on that tune. The sound on the intro lick, is a Flanger.
i just got a boss bf-2 flanger from used for 50 bucks from a friend, really good for the price

if you have the money, and especially if you want to nail evh's flange tone, than i would go with the flanger

the problem is that flanger is a hard think to use a ton, as it can be overused easily

so my suggestion would be to go on ebay and get a boss bf-2 flanger, you can find them for around 50 bucks used as well

oh and the bf-3 is iffy, has more features, but didn't sound nearly as good as the bf-2 did to me

hope that helps
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