Does anyone else ever have those days where you just, for no obvious reason, appreciate life a little bit more? Those days when you wake up in the morning ( or at night if you are a vampire and that's how you roll ) and you look outside and think, "Damn...Maybe the world isn't such a bad place, after all."

Sure the world has problems, and it always will, but some days you can forget about them and take a look at the brighter side of life.

Any similar feelings or am I just high on life?
You're high on life.

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No. Such days do not exist. I have days when I'm even more miserable than usual though, these are the same kind of thing yes?
yeah... but that lasts for like maybe a day or two.. then its back to feeling gloomy.
What the hell were you thinking?

i duno lol. tihs r liek wen i traid drawn maiself n teh t0ilit.



gess i cant dai.
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No. Such days do not exist. I have days when I'm even more miserable than usual though, these are the same kind of thing yes?

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I used to have those days every once in a while... but now I have em everyday!
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Yeah I have them, usually just when its a sunny day and I've gotten up naturally rather than my phone screaming at me.

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Sometimes, but then something bad happens and life takes a huge shit on me.
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I get those. They are so nice. And for the rest of the day I end up just stopping to look at the flowers or helping someone or just doing overall nice things. Nothing can bring me down on those days either.
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no, but i do have days where i wake up pissed off for no reason, then i go to wrestling practice/karate/jujitsu and beat the shit out of someone which makes me feel a little better.

the other day i woke up pissed off and accidentally knocked a kids tooth out in my gym class. he was bleeding all over the place and i got a deep cut in my hand. but we were sitting in the nurses office laughing about it. made my day
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Yeah I have em' like once every one or two weeks. Its feels really euphoric, but then my life goes back to shit the next day
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Sometimes yes, it's lovely, and yet sometimes I also notice how horrible everything is.
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No, Never. This world is a piece of shit.

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