Forbidden City-Marty friedman

this track....is the end of music for me,the music full stop,i cant listen to anything else anymore!
thing is,i want to cover it,and theres just 3 of us,guitar-bass-drums

is it possible to cover it without all the harmonies and all,and is it hypothetically possible for this track to sound good with just the three of us?? (and no we cant bring in a second guitarist...we dont get along with a fourth member)

so is it possible??
buy a harmonizer pedal... that may help...
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i was wondering if the harmonics can be ommited if i play the higher invervals...and about the track overall,not only the harmonies,is it possible to be played with one guitar??
so....i finished the acoustic intro,only needs speeding up a bit....should i go on or is it not possible???
really need help here
If you try to play a song involving 2 guitars, with one, it's obviously not guna sound the same.
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You could get really creative with a multi-channel loop pedal... that's about it though, because you'll lose a lot of the essence of the song without all the guitar parts.