hey guys well like some of you said christmas bonus wasn't as high as i expected. but it was good enough to get fender hot rod deluxe out the door for $700. it sounds great. does anyone have a link or know some settings for it? this is my first real tube amp that has more then a volume knob. i'd post pics but most know what a fender hot rod deluxe looks like.

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congrats you gotta get that baby in your sig...upload some pics tooo.
we all know what it looks like but that doesn't make a new amp any less beautiful.
^Seems kind of high, is that after taxes? I'm always one for looking used though in which case you could've gotten that amp for 400 dollars.

I was lucky when I bought mine it was 400 dollars new (been a while ago now) and i was able to sell it one evilbay for 400 dollars, so I didn't lose any money on it.
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i refuse to shop at guitar center. bought this from place called huber and breese. if you're from michigan you probably heard of this place. i don't shop there much they like to hike up the prices. and yes this was after taxes.
Where at in Michigan is it? Anywhere near the Dearborn area?
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its in fraser like 14 1/2 mile and groesbeck if that helps. pics are coming charging batteries for camera now... clips will come when i get courage/skillz to put myself on video haha.
clipz ... i blame poor playing on fact been up for 26 hours straight, and the use of a rock band mic haha. sound you are hearing is guitar>fuzz factory>bad monkey> eq in effects loop > hrd. its not much but i need more courage even on the internet to with feeling.