ok, so my parents finally decided i can get another guitar for the holidays, so can any1 recommend a guitar that is versatile so i can go from punk rock like alkaline trio and green day to metal like metallica but i care more about the punk sound than the metal sound.

I dont really care about wat bridge and style and all that stuff i just dont like bolt on necks, and i dont want a gibson, ibanez, or epiphone.

price range under $1500

1 guitar ive been looking at is the schecter tempest custom but i was gunna change the pickups so if u can also give me some feedback on that it would be helpful.


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Schecters are completely underrated, GREAT guitars

not to mention they have some really cool looking models

you could also look at some Dean or ESP guitars.

Go to guitar center, they've got a good variety of deans, schecters, and maybe a few ESP. I'm not saying buy from them, but its a good place to check out different guitars, and you can ALWAYS talk them into a much much lower price.
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esp hammet

+10. gettin that guitar 4 xmas
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can any1 recommend a specific guitar from one of those brands?
HSS strat, perhaps?

Why exactly don't you want an ibanez? Is it because of the neck profile? If that's the case i wouldn't recommend a jackson or LTD either.
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can any1 recommend a specific guitar from one of those brands?

DC127. Click the link at the right that says, "build and order your guitar", and you can choose all of the hardware and features you want and it will show you the final price.
ughh...I can't beleive people are suggesting guitars with EMG's for pop punk...

With a budget like that, to me the obvious choice is the Gibson Les Paul Studio.

Most punk guitarists of any genre use les pauls, and from what I hear they do metal well also.

an HSS Strat would be very good too, plus it's like 400-500$ cheaper

EDIT: Didn't read that you didn't want a Gibby