I have a Behringer Ultrabass BXL900A 90 watt amp (Yeah I know behringer kinda sucks, I don't wanna hear it) and today when I went to play it had a real fuzzy tone when I played loud. I tired two different basses on clean tones and got the same thing. It just gets all fuzzy sounding when I pluck hard or turn it up loud.

So then I tried different cables and still got the same thing. Does anyone know what might be wrong with it? I'm almost positive that its the amp and not something else but I just want to be sure. And if it is my amp what can I do to fix it?
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Try turning the gain down. Take it to an amp tech to get it looked at too.
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Possibly a blown speaker?
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It seems like a natural overdrive. My very first bass amp does that. You're just gonna not be able to play at a decent volume without that fuzzy distortion.
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I don't think its natural overdrive because its never sounded like this before and I've had it for almost a year now. If I blew out the speaker what will it take to get it fixed as far as a price range goes?