I downloaded some song and i guess the tag on it is wrong. Says Benzin but then i looked up Benzin and they were nothing alike. So if anyone here knows the band/songs, maybe they can help identify this song:

starts out quiet, then just a guitar comes in and sounds something like this:

keeps doing that and some drums come in

during the verse the guy sings and then there is some girl or something singing another part it sounds weird yet good

kinda an awful description but i thought somebody might know
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I think it is Benzin :P not 100% sure though
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any idea what album its off of?
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i dont speak german, so lyrics would be kinda retarded if i tried to write em down

not sure what album its off, but the version i have is 3:44 long
Hallelujah off keine engel is the only rammstein song i have at 3.44

and i have all their songs

but since you limwired it, the lengths bound to differ from the CD
I'm not sure, but I think I know the song, because you mentioned the girl. I don't know the name of the song though, because I don't even like Rammstein. I'll get back to you if it pops in my mind.
The only 3:44 i have is "Ein Lied", but thats more tha likely not it.

Attempt the lyrics anyway. It might help.

EDIT: Wait.. it might be Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do)

Does the woman sing in english?
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I think the song may be Stirbt Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do). Is it kinda a sweet sounding song with the girl singing engish (I dont know who you are, i know that you exist....)? the only other Rammstein song i can think of with a female voice is Spieluhr (Music Box) which features Richard Krupse's little girl singing Hoppe, Hoppe Reiter (a German children's song).

so i think its most likely Stirbt Nicht Vor Mir. i hope that helps you some.
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Wrong forum, wrong music, wrong wrong wrong.


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I like these guys and all, but theres a thread in the Nu-Metal forum for them, so ask there.
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