When I got my Digitech RP350, it didn't come with a USB cable. I am now looking for one, but im not sure which type i need. Could anyone who knows tell me please? Is it a USB 1.1 I need?
Go to the store you bought it from and point out that it didn't come with one. If it says on the box that there is a USB cable inside, but there isn't, then you can probably get one from the store.
a new usb cable will cost you about 10$. go to any computer store to find one.

and it doesn't matter if its USB 1.1 or 2.0 or whatever.. the cord will just simply transfer data.
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Make sure you get the right kind... the port on those is a USB "B" , so you want a USB "B" to USB "A" cable.
i just used the printer USB cord. If you have a printer for your computer, snag the USB cable from it and use it on ur pedal.
A usb cable isn't hard to find..

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