so i just sanded down my neck, i believe its a rosewood neck and am debating on which kind of oil to use, ive heard mixed opinions of tung, maybe lemon, i really don't know. All i really want is a fast non-stick neck. and could someone please link me to the right kind of tung or whatever ive found like 6 kinds via google. i want pure tung, right?
TS what guitar do you have? I doubt it has a rosewood neck tbh (unless its a PRS or something).

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TS what guitar do you have? I doubt it has a rosewood neck tbh (unless its a PRS or something).

i think he was talking about the fretboard being rosewood
Lemon oil is overrated...

TS, you can just use the tung available at walmart (forget the brand). They have 2 kinds: for light colored wood and for dark wood. If it's a maple NECK, you obviously want the one for light wood.
so i went to walmart and couldn't find anything related to tung oil. all i found were stainers and stuff, nothing related to tung. and yea my bad i have a mahogany neck, not rosewood.
Go to home depot or lowes.

A bunch of guys will tell you not to get ones with additives and stuff.

Load of bollocks!

I got some tung oil with more additives than... something with a lot of additives. It worked great.
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i checked both of their websites and got no hits for "tung oil" is it called something else or something or should i go and look for sealant that says tung on it or something?