Does the bass factor in or is it more of an amp settings thing? I'd rather here more boom than to hear the note plucked.
i think it's more amp settings, try taking out more mids and boost the lows on top of bringing down the highs a little bit. and you can also obviously play around with your tone settings on your bass to get that right tone
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you can also try just cranking the gain and volume way up and simply tapping lightly on the string instead of doing an actual pluck, easy on the fingers, great for speed, and theres no pull-off sound involved, just takes some practice to get the touch just right
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Its also a lot in the playing style. If you play hard you'll twang easier than if you play quiet as a fetus.

quiet as a fetus.
I think it depends a lot on the pickups too. A humbucker will be thuddier and a single coil twangier
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Mostly its playing style, and eq, however I know some amps have a shape control that puts a filter on the eq, so that you can adjust to taste. Also, turning the volume or tone down on the bass might get a more boomy tone.

Its a lot harder to get a boomy tone when playing with a pick also.

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Depends a lot on if your playing by the neck, the bridge, or in the middle.

Stole the words out of my mouth. While other things do influence it, the quickest way to swap between the two is to change where you pluck.
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I have to be very liberal with the bass to not twang too much. and I kiss the bridge.
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