Hey everyone,

So I've been jamming with a Yamaha FG700S for the past two years, but I want to move on to a new acoustic or acoustic-electric guitar.
I'm looking for something that's preferably auditorium size, though it can be dreadnought size, that can produce a bright tone, and costs less than $750. Some of my friends have recommended and had me try Martin DX1E and Taylor 214E Grand Auditorium.

Anyone else have other recommendations, or comments on the two guitars I've tried out? Unfortunately, I don't have much time to actually go to Guitar Center or Showcase to experiment (until Black Friday weekend), but my hope is to find a new acoustic before my gig next month.

Any help is much appreciated. Peace!
idd suggest a takamine. im borrowing one and it is pretty nice
or try the taylor my friend is a designer for the company and says they are really well made
i just recently bought a Takamine and regretted it after trying out a Taylor. I would save up and get the Taylor grand auditorium. Amazing smoothness, great action, and clear and crisp sound. I would get a cutaway if i was you though. 1) they look cooler 2) for certain songs yo'll need reach. get the taylor. no joke.
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I would never buy a Martin X series or a Taylor 100/200/baby series. They're just not worth what you're paying. They're alright guitars, but you're paying through the roof for something that should be a LOT cheaper. I would definitely take a Takamine over any of those two brands in this price range.

My two top choices for your price range are...
1. Seagull Maritime Spruce Mini Jumbo
2. an Epiphone Masterbilt series
- Art & Lutherie Cedar CW (SOLD! )
- Martin D-16RGT w/ LR Baggs M1 Active Soundhole Pickup
- Seagull 25th Anniversary Flame Maple w/ LR Baggs Micro EQ

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