for the blues scale try Em-pentatonic..something like that and be sure to throw the blue notes in
for the remaining moods try Em-pentatonic...u see blues rocks
This would be what modes are for, look them up on google or this site.
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Quote by XianXiuHong

You can now play every Slayer song.
Yeh that guy on about phrasing is correct completly. But of course that dosnt help you too much lol

so yeh, experiment with minor keys for sadder feeling songs or parts of songs and major keys for more upbeat happy songs.

As for fast aggressive songs well it can vary greatly, the phrygian mode is very popular with many metal guitarists.

hope that was of some help
Quote by -Blue-
Can anyone suggest some good scales/keys to play in for different moods? For example:

- slow/sad (I'm figuring the blues scale for this one, but what keys are good?)
- fast/angry
- fast/upbeat
- etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

I take Satch's advice on this subject:

You should play through the scales and modes enough so that you develop your own opinions on what each sound means to you. Try coming up with chord progressions that take the key sounds of the mode into account and see how each one makes YOU feel.

My own view is that you can only take each mode or scale for how it makes you feel anyway, you can never tell if what you feel from a piece of music will be the same as anyone else anyway so why bother asking other people's opinions on the subject in the first place?
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