Ok, i have a MIM Fender Stratocaster played with a ZOOM G1 (effects) and a Blazer 158 Amp. I almost always play with the effects plugged in, but lately i have noticed the clean channels on the zoom sound quite distorted! I recently changed strings to a bit thicker ones (Super Slinkies to Hybrid Slinkies) and i have noticed that it sounds a bit fuller and resonates. So im thinking that my strings are causing this. Then I unplugged it from the effects, and played it straight through the amp, and it sounded fine! Is this just something that the effects pedal is having trouble with? It usually sounds great.
EDIT: I suppose its not as distorted as it is just strange, its too full
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well, in that case, its definately the pedal.

do urself a favour and get rid of it- I had one and it was awful.
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Naw, it's a thing with low end pedals, somehow it changes your signal, even when you're bypassing it. I could never get a good clean sound with my RP-90 on bypass either. It's nothing to do with your strings.
Yeah, it sounds like it doesnt have true bypass in it, which isnt surprising considering the price.
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