I have just been on holiday and could only take a cheap zoom 505II multi FX and a squire affinity strat and some sony mxr on head-headphones. But after due to boredom I fiddled with the pedal for hours on end and I have come back happy with myself because out of a cheap £50 pedal I have conjured up some decent tones. I have a really smooth and trippy EJ cliffs of dover tone, good classic marshall jcm800 (although it sounds a little thin, but probs due to cheap single coils), decent EVH brown sound (erruption), fenderish clean (although not to happy with this), and a sort of vintage thrash, think master of puppets quite dark sound, although this is pretty good it is slightly to fizzy, and not that tight.

But the point of this thread is that you can get some dam good sounds out of cheap multi FX units if you invest the time to tweak for a good few hours, and I am now thinking of getting the boss gt-10 as a result, as I feel maybe it could offer some much better amp models as well as more high quality effects. Although I will have to try it some time and there is still no way I am getting rid of my fulltone clyde mccoy deluxe!!!!

/end rant
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nothing wrong with those little MFX boxes for walkman-sized private practice! since i live in an apartment, the only thing i can crank is my own headphones that are plugged into a PodXt. But thats just fine.. the tone rocks and i can practice along to mp3's all while without bugging anyone or teetering on eviction for noise
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I agree. I actually like the tone from my ME-50. You just have to know how to set it up properly. Multi-fx will probably never be as good as the real thing unless you're going for pro-budget gear maybe. But even then, there is a time and place for multi-fx, especially if you're a cheap bastard like almost everybody is. And you don't have job or have other expenses.
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wow, i've never heard anyone speak of the 505 so highly. i have an original 505, and i think it's pretty terrible, but i'll try it out again and tweak some settings. i need a quiet practice set-up
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my favorite trick to setup up with any MFX especially while using headphones is to set up a stereo delay.

doubling up and panning your sounds left and right just sounds humongous and really fun
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spiff if you want ill give you some settings of mine. But I am seriously considering buying the gt10 now! Will it have the same responsiveness as a cranked tube if played through say a valve PA, or even headphones?
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I'm sure people already know that if you spend time tweaking something you'll get decent sounds from it
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but people always slag them off way more than they deserve, i think they can rival single effects any day just more complicated. But opinions on the gt10?
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