I don't know why but when I go to open a folder I get a error message and it wont open the folder. It gets rid of the desktop icons and the tool bar at the bottom for a very short period. Then every thing loads back up and it is fine. The only problem is the folder still isn't open. The thing that really gets me is once in a while it will open the folder without problem. Like if I sit there and try and open in about ten times in a row.

I know there are a few computer smart people in the pit that could probably help me.
I have the same thing. But only if I go into my multimedia folders(videos, pictures).
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Go to processes. Find explorer.exe and select it. Hit End Process. The taskbar will disappear after this. Then go to File -> New Task, and type in explorer.exe

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explorer.exe broke.

Any help on fixing that?

The idea of ending the process then restarting it didn't work.