SO basically I break strings a lot more often than I'd like. and I wanna know what the most durable strings are that I can get? I dont wanna just go for a super heavy gauge though, I prefer a medium one but if I have to go thicker I wont mind too much.
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Have a look at the rest of your guitar before getting new strings. You might have sharp saddles that need filing, or a badly cut nut.
What do you use now, what guitar/ bridge/ tuners. It could be a simple technique problem

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DR's are supposed to be good.

but if you're going thru strings like candy, you may want to see if there's any defects in your guitar hardware like the bridge, nut, tuning pegs and any other spot your strings are sitting on.

if all seems ok, then perhaps your just playing far tooooooo hard
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Rotosound always served my well. My first ever strings ,9's they were, on my first ever guitar lasted me 2 years. Mainly because i didnt know how to change strings at that point......... but they still lasted lol.
Rotosound, Last forever (slight exagerration), Rotosound are good strings