Anyone ever boil strings to clean them instead of buying new ones?
A friend of mine did it with his bass strings and said it was awesome.
That, and what is the proper way to dry the boiled strings?
Thing is, with guitar, I don't think it's really worth it. This is generally a technique for upright bass players, because their strings are really goddamn expensive, and they need to drag out the strings' lives as long as they can. I think it'd be better to just shell out the $4 for some new strings.

For technique... uh, take 'em off, boil 'em for ~20 mins., let 'em dry, put 'em back on? I shouldn't thnk there's any special technique to letting them dry.

BTW: I've seen EVH claim this affects tone. IIRC, he does this.
the best way to dry them i do believe is in the oven. Although i do believe that guitar strings are fairly cheap. Why not just get new ones?
Boil for twenty minuets, add oxo cube.....mmmmm.....guitar soup......mmmm
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I will break a string before it would be time to boil them. And as they arent that expensive dont see the point of boiling them. Its only an issue with bass strings.