Basically the power fuse went on my amp and when it's replaced it goes straight away again. According to my instruction manual this is because there is an internal problem and i should consult an expert etc.

How much would this cost to fix professionally??? What could it be and is it possible to fix it myself???

Any ideas would be appreciated.

And i can tell you it's not any of the tubes.
What would it cost a little to alot. It all depends on whats wrong. And how do you know its not a tube thats the usual culprit when your amp blows a fuse. And unless you know what your doing, have the tools then its not likely you are going to be able to fix it.
How do you know it's not the tubes? That would be my first guess, other than that, try a different outlet and if that doesn't work you're gonna have to have a pro look at it.
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Well according to the instruction manual if it's the power fuse thats gone then it's not the tubes (that would only be if the high tension fuse had gone). and i have tried a different cable as i had a spare.

It's apparently some problem with the complicated electronics housed in the metal box bit on the amp.

Would this cost over £100 for example??? if so it may not be worth getting it fixed and i could just sell the rest as spares.
Have a tech look at it, it could be something as simple as a bad solder joint, or could be something worse. There' s no way to tell how much it'll cost, but I don't think it would go over 100 pounds which is what, 200 dollars?
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
how new is the amp? warranty still in effect? if so, send it to the tech NOW.

it sounds like your problem is the SAME exact one i had with my Randall back in February...and something on the inside is definitely fried...and i'm just now getting to sending it off for warranty repair . but at the same time
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