Here is my first draft of a song i came up with. I can't seem to finish it right now (any suggestions/ideas). Anyway here it is.

Forget Me

Oh god, have I become obsessed
I never knew you looked that way

I'm not the one,
to show you how
to do the things,
that make me proud
Its just a game,
I'm in it
These little things,
they make me sick

Will you forget me

If I told, you right now
would you stay, with me throughout

The shity lies,
the broken hearts
These little things,
that tore us apart
I don’t know,
if you can see
The love for you
Inside of me

Oh, all I know is that you'll forget me

Quote by ginjaninja
how is it not finished?

will crit when completed, pm me.

I think it needs another verse or something but i want ppl to check out most of it now, thx for that, will pm you.