Hello people! For some reason the other day I was having a bit blast of my guitar (mahogany red vintage re-issue Gibson Les Paul Studio through a Vox AD15VT and various pedals) and thought to myself - I know a few scales and can play pretty well (I've been playing for about ten years!) but when it comes to technical ability, Ive not really got a clue! So I decided, time to start afresh - learn what I should have years ago! Until now I didn't really know what a pentatonic was and sweeping - I'm not even gonna start what I thought that was! I was just wondering if anyone has ever had a revelation like mine? By the way.... this site rules...... yes!!!
I know I should have put this message in the member introductions but I had a halloween party last night and I'm drinking the remaining cans what were left at my house - I might have missed that thread! Cheers folks!
good for you...i havent been playin for ten yrs but i do understabd what your saying...good luck