Okay, so everytime I go to the guitar store I feel uncomfortable trying out a guitar. Everyone is shredding the same ****ing riff, or playing stairway to heaven / purple haze. while I am the only one that is actually playing my own songs while I test out a guitar....My songs are (for the most part) punk, so yeah, I'm using powerchords, and playing simple solos...i then feel that the salesman thinks i'm a fool and tries to take advantage of me.

What do you guys think I should do?

by the way, yes I can play other stuff besides power chords, but to me it makes no sense to see how a guitar sounds with someone else's riffs.
I feel the same way when I play in a shop, but take no notice of them and for the people who shred IMO are just trying to show off
I think you should play what you wrote so you can find your own sound.

Play for people around you (not the salesman) and ask which guitar sounds better for such and such song. The salesman would say "the more expensive one."
Play your own stuff! Dont let anyone say what to play. But heres a tip: If you can, slip a sweep solo or a pentatonic lick in there to let them know youre not a newb!
We had a couple of boys sitting shredding some heavy metal (sweep picking 'n tapping you know) and the store owner actually went over to them and asked them to stop cause it "sounded like shit". That was so cool!
Some of the best songs ever made have no shredding and no complex riffs... you shouldn't feel bad about playing what you want to, just rock out to whatever you want

that said, if someone's giving you funny looks, a couple licks in their face is never a bad thing :P
ya i do the same thing, but i also play the last few riffs ive learned over and over

I HATE playing guitars at the store because i know for a fact that people in there would own me and that makes me forget a lot of the songs i knew how to play before. I get so nervous for like no reason lmfao.

But I dont judge other people whhen they are playing so i can only hope they are like me. I just try to make what im playing sound clean and practised, and obviously pay attention to the guitar itself.
i used to be the same way, but i`ve been dealing with the same store now for about a year, there REALLY awesome people, and don`t just try to sell you the most expenive thing they have, and i also gig now too, so you can`t be nervous to play infront of people, like last night we had the BIGGEST crowd EVER!!!, it was insane, that did kinda get to me, i messed up acouple times and my solos were even shittyer then normal LOL
Just realize that anyone that goes up to you and goes "lololol u suck watch me shred dis shit up" probably sucks horribly and plays a cheap ibanez through a marshall MG.
people who work in guitar shops = failed rock star
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Play your own stuff! Dont let anyone say what to play. But heres a tip: If you can, slip a sweep solo or a pentatonic lick in there to let them know youre not a newb!

I barely know how to sweep, never really tried to practice it wouldn't work in the type of music i like to play (not just punk)

I don't really know any petatonic stuff, I know I'm not a guitar god, I know i a much better song writer than I am shredder.

Only really soloy stuff I've learned is the intro solo in one (didn't really learn it jsut learned the notes, not the tempo or anything), and the solo in stairway...I do know some random other licks too.
I usually play pretty basic stuff seeing Ive only been playing for a little over a year, but I don't let the sales associates trick me into buying something crappy(with the exception of when I bought my first guitar and amp, they screwed me over on the amp). I dont try and go in there and play some shred, I play what I usually play seeing I need to know how it sounds for that instead of how it sounds for something I usually dont play.

the guitar center I go to has pretty good employees, of course they are a little pushy but they back off and know when they are annoying you which means I usually dont get harassed when I go in there.

the samass next door is a different story. I asked to try out a crybaby wah pedal on an amp that at the time I was interested in, instead he plugs it into another amp that is about 500 dollars more that I could not afford and tried to sell me on the amp and sat there and told me how to work the amp like I had never turned one on before. I mean, do they honestly think that I don't know the difference between master volume and the channel volume? they could just be programmed though, seeing I came in a few weeks later, and when the sales person saw me trying out a different amp, the same sales person told me about that other amp and did the same exact thing he did last time. This is why I stay away from sam ash.
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1-Bloodavian 0-Forkman.

quit caring, it's what punk is about.
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Salesmen are easy to outsmart, you tell them you saw what your looking at for cheaper somewhere else. But keep it believable.

And when they're going to ring you up you ask about cases and strings and cables and all those fun things. Just show you know your equipment.
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ok dude F*** the sales clerk he probubly dont even know half that s*** but any way like others said stop caring and just feel the guitar could u keep playing this over again could u play good on it just start practicing scales and arps.
I usually play my own songs, because sometimes I use some weird stretches and voicings so I will know if the neck will allow me to play. But that being said I also shred and solo the shit out of the guitar. I have to make sure it is a total playable guitar.
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Sometimes there are riffs you just can't help but try out. lol

Still, I play my own stuff to see if the guitar is going to be able
to be practical. Just remember that there are a million awesome
riffs that made songs become hits that were simple.

Smoke on The Water* is a great song. It is VERY easy to play, but
when you get to that solo it scorches. If you listen to a live Deep Purple
Album you will hear some insane jam sessions.

The genre of music you play also dictates the way you play as well.
If you play PUNK...thats a lot like FUNK. All of the structure used for
popular commercial music doesn't matter much. You need to keep the
rhythm moving and make people feel as if they belong. When comparing
Punk to Rock and/or Metal etc...it's not really about band members shining
one at a time. Punk bands in my opinion seem to be have more of a
collective energy. I think outside of Punk...TOOL seems to be one of the
only bands that really have that cohesive synergy.

Btw..The customer is always right. If they are not willing to take what you
offer walk out. Somebody wants your money. I used to feel like an A-hole
for negotiating until I saw a guy talk a manager down enough to get a pedal
because the guitar was new but wasn't in showroom floor condition.
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