This is my first fully recorded song as I always get lazy and never end up recording them, I'm quite happy with it although the vocals are a bit iffy still, Hope you like it, gets a bit heavier towards the second half if you start to think its boring but, C4C tell me what you think

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That's a pretty cool song. I really like the what you did with each instrument, especially that big climax part with all the crazy distortion., but like Timothy O. said, you should mix the vocals a little lower in the mix and maybe add a lot more reverb.

Also that Smiths cover was awsome, you have a reat voice. But was the lead guitar supposed to be out of tune like that? I was thinking about covering the same song pretty soon and you helped give me an idea on how i should record it. Thanks.

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HUGE. That was simply amazing.
Can you upload it, in mp3, so that i can put it in my mp3 player?

Im serious.
I like it.

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