Well last night the roof was leaking and i go to check on my amp and pedals and i notice my EQ is full of water. I take off the bottom to see water pour out. I'm pretty sure I got all of the water out. But now I go to test it out this morning and it works and everything but there is more hum and this crackling sound coming out of the amp like every 5 seconds. I waited it out the whole day to see if it would just go away and it hasn't. What should I do?
Buy a new one.

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how long have you had the pedal?
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Is it under warrantee?
Because a new one will be required
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i think so. I really don't wanna get a new one. I have a perfect tone with mine. it was like broke last night and it seemed to get better today so is it just something i have to wait out?
**** getting a new one, get a Danelectro Fish n' Chips, it's better less noisy and cheaper.

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^Fish n chips seemed noiser than the mxr to me.

Get a new one, it's not worth it to fix a stomp box.
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You'll have to warranty it dude.

Ona side note, whats with all the water/beer damage threads lately? It seems loads of people have accidentaly poured beer or had a water leak on their gear
if you didn't use it today you might have had out outside chance of it being usable in about a week or so. If the water is not completely dried out and you have it engaged then the water will conduct the electricity causing short circuits throughout the board which will fry it

EDIT: The crackling may be caused by the eddy currents without the shorts where the board is still wet. Leave it alone for at least a week to see if it gets better. If it's still bad after a week it won't ever get better
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Step 1: Ponder how, exactly the water got there
Step 2: Throw away
Step 3: Buy new one
Step 4: ????
Step 5: PROFIT!!!
Okay, I guess I'll go clog someone else's intert00bs...

But is submersion something that can be overcome? REALLY?
All I can recommend is taking the pedal apart, so you have the shell and the pcb/motherboard all seperate, put them in your airing cupboard/ whatever you have, and leave it in there for a few days.