I'm looking for a great tuner that will last for me for a long time and one that can tell me all the tunings I will ever need.

I have no clue how to get started (started playing five months ago so I'm still a novice)
I don't mind the price of the tuner.
KORG Chromatic tuner CA-30

a great tuner. it has all you will need. It is chromatc wich means you can tune to any notes you want. Its also pretty cheap and i want to say like 20-30 bucks.
Try a Korg DTR1000...
- LTD Eclipse 1000 w/SD's
- Jackson Dk 2 Dinky transparent red w/SD's
- Marshall MG 50 DFX

ENGL fund €120/€1941.5
Since your screen name is dir en grey i suppose you like them :p The korg ca-30 is more than enough really, but just so you know (you mentioned you didn't care about the price) toshiya uses a korg dtr-2000. It's a rack tuner, and while it isn't much more precise than the ca 30, it does look damn awesome xD