I've come down to these 2 Bare Knuckle pickups for my Strat. It's an alder body with a bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard. It also has a Floyd Rose Original bridge. I want a super heavy sound, but not death metal heavy.

My worries:

Miracle Man: Won't sound as heavy as I want, and will be too trebley in alder.

War Pig: Won't give me the tight bass (Think Children of Bodom) I want, and my sound too thick when I'm chuggin.

War Pig Ceramic: same concern as with the normal War Pig.


help me out people! I want an in-your-face powerful and heavy sound closest to Children of Bodom and Rammstein.
for the best advice would be to email tim at bkp, since he's the guy who makes them and there are lots of sound clips on the forum, to search for the tone you want, i went for the nailbomb cause i wanted something that was brutal/metal tone but had a very nice tight clean, im sure others will help, cheers