that using the advanced reply to threads mucks up your pc?

i have and i am just wondering if anyone else has the same problem!
If you are using IE, thats your problem.

I switched to Firefox and it was ok... Then I bought vista and it was good.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
Yeah it screws up my browser and makes me restart it. This little Browser crash that is becoming repetitive for a junction point in my life. The first time it happened I just bottled up the rage, calmly shut the window and reopened it then clicked in the browser history to return me to the thread I was in. The second time I snapped a pencil that was nearby on the desk and my grandma entered the room. She asked why the hell I broke a pencil and I responded with "Better than your face!". She left the room muttering something I didn't quite make out so I ignored her, and attempted to post something. The screen froze again.

I reached into my pocket and pulled my gun locker key out and retrieved my Heckler and Koch - 41, with hair pin trigger and stuck a fresh magazine in the black metallic chamber. I emptied the clip into my grandparents, my uncle, both of my dogs and a neighbor before the police showed up. I surrendered without a fight and was taken to the nearby Mooreview Correctional Facility. The next day I entered my plea of "guilty by insanity" and now face 484 years or 8 consecutive 60 year life terms.

One of my conditions in my insanity plea was a computer in my cell where I now spend 23 hours a day. Doctors monitor me and I still have breakdowns whenever UG crashes my browser. I have learned to deal with it though and life is slowly getting back to normal.