i want to write a song but i cant really get ... anything done. ill have a riff and be like ok words need to come in here then ill try to think of words and i wont be able to then ill just be like ok ill make up more guitar parts and words can come later.
so i neeed help cause that keeps happening over and over and all ill have are just a bunch of rhythm riffs.

anybody have any tips?
P.S. this is what the alphabet would look like without the letters Q and R
Play the lick or riff or progression over and over as often as you can untill the riff it's self is second nature, and then keep playing it so that you no longer need to think about it, and can think about what you want to say, normally a melody will shine through, and then lyrics. Remember what's important to you and think about what you really want to say, as a melody emerges, so will a song.